The car analogy…

I can understand why Governor Schwarzenegger might be uninterested in pulling apart the health reform compromise he negotiated with Speaker Nunez. Secretary Belshe seemed to indicate he would continue to be opposed to “piecemeal” reforms, with “narrow goals” and “narrow interests.”

Taking a car analogy, I think the Administration is concerned about the impact of a salvage operation: stripping off the valuable items: the mirrors here, the tires there, and suddenly the parts are worth a lot less than the whole.

In contrast, I think the Governor and Legislature may be interested in an assembly line, rather than a salvage operation. An assembly line to build the car of health reform. What does it take to get to universal or near-universal coverage in a few years, and how can we start now? Can we put together the motor, the body frame, other elements, so that it will eventually all come together? What stages can we get done?

Let’s get the factory going.

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