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There’s a new Health Wonk Review at the always interesting Health Care Policy and Marketplace Review. And I don’t just say that because Bob Laszewski included our post on the presidential candidates’ health plans, and said, “if you are following California reform, you need to keep an eye on this site.” After all, readers of this blog already know that.

There’s just so many interesting posts, I could fill this blog with responses, especially since so many of the issues are California-centric. This includes:
* Brian Klepper’s critique of the current reform proposal in California (which was cross-posted to The Health Care Blog, where I responded);
* A take by the Colorado Health Insurance Insider on the recission controversy in California, (which bizarrely suggests more underwriting, rather than just getting rid of the practice);
* A HealthBlawg post on the ERISA lawsuit in San Franscisco (which had to be updated for the most recent, positive decision by the Appeals Court); and
* A couple of posts (on InsureBlog and HealthBeat) on the Nataline Sarkisyan situation, the complicated and tragic issue of a 17-year old denied for a liver transplant by Cigna, who died just after hours public pressure was succesful in getting an approval.

Happy reading!

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