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It could have been my own cold-induced delirium, but I got a little teary this AM reading the op ed pages of the Sacramento Bee and San Jose Mercury News. Both editorial pages eloquently urge the Senate Health Committee to move ABx1 1 along on Monday. Both do so by showing the price of inaction.

From the Mercury News:

…the LAO wasn’t asked by Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata to report on the impact of doing nothing.

If he had asked, he would have been told that employers already pay a hidden tax of about $14 billion to subsidize health care. And the average family of four with insurance also pays a hidden tax of about $1,200 a year to subsidize those who don’t have insurance.

From the Sacramento Bee:

If the legislative analyst were to analyze the risks to the state’s economy and budget by doing nothing, the results would be sobering. Imagine more hospitals closing, more employers dropping coverage for employees, more kids condemned to a lifetime of preventable diseases and less chance of controlling runaway medical inflation.

Given the alternatives, we’ll take our chances with AB X1 1. So should Perata, the Senate president pro tem, who could determine the fate of this legislation.

It doesn’t happen often that a Republican governor comes together with Democrats to craft a health care overhaul that is supported by hospitals, business coalitions, health care advocates and right-minded unions and consumer groups. This is an opportunity that the Senate, and the state, can’t afford to pass up. Pass AB X1 1.

Don’t blow this chance.

Also in the Sacramento Bee, small businessman and Small Business Majority executive director has an op ed about the need for reform.

To be “balanced” the San Diego Union Tribune continues its screed against reform.

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