The Return of Robo-Cuts?

Governor Pete Wilson gave the Governor’s radio address today, and hinted at what the Governor Schwarzenegger might be thinking, as we head into the week where the budget will be announced.

Josiah Greene at the California Majority Report is right to sound the alarm. Wilson invokes his attempt at Proposition 165, to give him as Governor more budget-cutting authority. It also raises the specter of Schwarzenegger coming back with something similar to Prop 76, which would have allowed the Governor to make unilateral budget cuts in certain emergencies. Both measures failed at the ballot box, and for good reason.

Whether the cuts are “unilateral” or “automatic” doesn’t make them better, it makes them worse.
* It means that cuts are made without proper consideration of what is penny-wise and pound-foolish;
* It means that cuts are prioritized over other budget solutions, including raising revenues, and yes, taxes.
* It means that legislators escape accountability to make the tough choices, whether cuts or revenues.

I hope we don’t have to go through this fight again.

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