Republican bills: Revived, then Rejected

The Senate Health Committee heard a number of Republican bills on Wednesday. All but one failed. The special session bills were resurrected from 2007, where many either failed or were not heard in committee. Following is a list of the bills, purpose, and outcome:

  • SBx1 5 (Cox): Would redirect First Five tobacco tax funds to pay for health care services. FAILED
  • SBx1 9 (Runner): Directs state to issue licenses to open more clinics, including in retail locations. FAILED.
  • SBx1 10 (Maldonado): Would create a tax credit for those who have Health Savings Accounts, which are used with high-deductible health plans. Efforts to conform state and federal tax laws on Health Savings Accounts have failed the past two years because tax credits through them are predicated on the fact that individuals are underinsured. FAILED
  • SBx1 16 (McClintock): Allows out-of-state insurers to offer health coverage in California, essentially negating the voter-approved HMO Patients Bill of Rights guaranteeing 23 protections such as cancer screening and children’s immunizations. FAILED
  • SBx1 21 (Cogdill): Creates a tax credit for providers practicing in rural areas. FAILED
  • SBx1 23 (Ashburn): Creates a tax credit for businesses that set up a Section 125 account for their employees, which enables use of pre-tax dollars for health expenses. PASSED
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