Lots of reaction today on the health reform…

The press coverage included:
* Tom Chorneau in the San Francisco Chronicle,
* Aurelio Rojas in the Sacramento Bee
* Mike Zapler in the San Jose Mercury News
* Bill Ainsworth in the San Diego Union-Tribune
* Jordan Rau in the Los Angeles Times
* Jesse McKinley and Kevin Sack in the New York Times
* Christopher Lee in the Washington Post
* Ayesha Thomas at News10 in Sacramento
* and a summary on California Healthline.

Statements in reaction by:
* Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
* Speaker Fabian Nunez
(There’s a major compilation of ABx1 1 information on his website.)
* Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata
* Senate Health Committee Chair Sheila Kuehl

Blogs in reaction:
* Sacramento Bee’s Daniel Weintraub
* Calitics
* Several at the California Progress Report (including those by Frank Russo, Rose Ann DeMoro, and my assessment on the impact in other states)
* Alan Katz has lessons learned.
* A Healthy Blog in Massachusetts sends condolences.
* Ezra Klein continues his health care obsession.
* Helenann on DailyKos.
* The Urban Institute has comments.
* Karen Tumulty at’s Swampland, from her national perch, calls it the “most underplayed story of the day.”

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