More death….

Sen. Leland Yee, who has announced his intention to vote no on the bill, is offended that proponents for ABx1 1 insinuate that a “no” vote on the bill means they are tacitly allowing people to die.

“I resent the fact that if we don’t pass this bill, people will die. There are
other bills that would take care of the kinds of problems you guys are talking

In his press release yesterday announcing his intention to vote against ABx1 1, Yee cites SB840, Sen Sheila Kuehl’s single-payer bill as a good solution, and says he is “extremely skeptical of a law” he characterizes ABx1 1 as allowing insurance companies to “charge any amount for the policy” with “… no regulation of the costs of insurance…”

Setting aside his (lack of) accuracy, I find it interesting that rate regulation has become such a prime concern for Yee, since he actually voted abstained AB1554 (Jones), which would have regulated health insurance premiums last year, essentially killing the bill.

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