Fact Check on Sen. Yee

Okay, Sen. Leland Yee should really know better. He just claimed that ABx1 1 would punish low income families by garnishing wages and placing liens on homes if families could not prove they had coverage.

That simply is not true. (How many times do we have to say that.)

ABx1 1 says nothing about this kind of enforcement. Additionally, such behavior by a state agency (ie. Franchise Tax Board) would not be permitted until a) the Legislature approves legislation on that issue and b) the Legislature approves funding for enforcement, which is unlikely given the existing funding shortfall.

What ABx1 1 does say is if a person does not have coverage after 62 days, they will be told of different options where they could find coverage (public programs, the state purchasing pool). If the individual does not act, they will be automatically enrolled in the least expensive policy. The state will then recover the costs of that coverage through the Franchise Tax Board, but no additional penalties are exacted.

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