Enabling My Mother

Here’s reason #6,782 that the status quo just isn’t working — and it’s purely personal.

My mother, a Buddhist in name only, cannot help but worry about everything. She worries that my 17-year-old geeky, mute brother will join an Asian gang. She worries my sister, an engineer, spent too much on a couch. And she worries I’ll die commuting to work on my bike.

Now, she’s worried that her retiree insurance coverage won’t pay my father’s recent hospital bill.

The hospital has sent a bill for about $90,000.
The anesthesiologist sent an $8,000 bill.
The physician’s assistant another $1,200.

And they keep rolling in…..

She’s not asking for free health care. In fact, her deductible is $1,500 with an out-of-pocket maximum of $4,000. She and my father are willing to pay every dime of that — and continue paying the $650 a month for coverage, as long as she can be assured that the coverage actually works.

I’m sure she’ll be okay, but for once, I can’t say I blame her for worrying. Ordinarily, (or knowing her, maybe not) I’m not sure my mother would necessarily fret over these bills. But stories in recent years about rescissions, denial of claims, and people hitting their lifetime limits has left her feeling very unsure about whether the insurance she has will be there when she needs it. Sadly, that’s how many Americans feel today.

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