A looooong hearing agenda…

The Senate Health Committee has put out a tentative outline of the hearing, scheduled for next week, on AB x1 1 (Nunez).

Outline for Hearing on ABX1 1 (Nunez)

I. Author’s presentation, including presentation by Secretary Belshe or administration representative
II. LAO presentation of fiscal analysis
III. Testimony, by topic (order for each topic will be support, support if
amended or with amendments, concerns, oppose unless amended,
A. Mandate to maintain minimum creditable coverage
B. Purchasing pool, coverage expansions, and proposed tax credits
C. Requirements for health coverage outside of purchasing pool
D. Health insurance market and regulatory reforms
E. Financing (including provisions of proposed initiative)
–Employer assessments
–Redirection of county funds
–Tobacco tax
–Hospital assessments
–Federal funds
–Individual contributions
–Contingencies in event of funding shortfall
F. Testimony on Massachusetts health plan
G. Scope of practice changes
H. Data collection and transparency and pay for performance provisions
I. Other provisions
–Hospital and physician rates
–IHSS worker provisions
–Electronic prescribing and medical records
–Healthy actions and incentive rewards
–Public insurer provisions
–Diabetes, obesity and smoking provisions
–Prohibition on hospital balance billing
IV. Author’s close

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