You knew there had to be a catch….

The America’s Health Insurance Plans, the industry trade group, came out with a “Guaranteed Access” proposal this week as a defense against state-level activity and national discussions about reforming the insurance market. (The New York Times writes a story about their proposal here.)

The good news is that the industry admits — kind of — that maybe some of them (maybe) have been a little overzealous with denying Americans coverage – and maybe that should change….
(Interesting factoid that I didn’t know before — 11% of those who apply for coverage are denied; however, 30% of the pre-Medicare age group, typically described as the early retiree set between 50-64, is denied when they apply)

On the flip side, insurers would only agree to cover “everyone” if the states/taxpayers take on the most “high risk” cases. So that means the patients they expect to be the sickest and most expensive should be insured by a state-run pool, subsidized by taxpayers. That way, insurers can continue to eek profits out of the remaining relatively healthy population.

It’s a classic case of “socializing the risk, and privatizing the profits.”

Give me “socialized medicine” anyday…

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