Who benefits?

Who gets helped in the current framework of AB x1 1?

Here’s a preliminary list, as we work through the possibilities:

* Virtually all uninsured children (800,000) who would get good, comprehensive Healthy Families-level coverage.
* Medi-Cal recipients (6.8 million children, seniors, and people with disabilities) would get better access to doctors and hospitals, due to an increase in Medi-Cal rates.
* Adults and parents up to 250% FPL ($25K for an individual, $50K for a family of four) who would get comprehensive with minimal cost-sharing.
* Many of those 250-400% FPL ($41K for an individual, $82 for a family of four) who would get the security of not having to pay more than 5.5% of their income for premium, and could pay less. (Many pay far more for coverage now.)
* Those who don’t get group coverage who would be denied because of “pre-existing conditions,” (an estimated 650,000+), who would now have access to coverage, and eventually not have a higher rate because of it.
* Employers who provide health care to their workers, but find that they compete against some who don’t.

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.

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