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The Field Poll did preliminary polling on the ouline of the health reform proposal in AB x1 1 (Nunez)… and the news is pretty stunning. Three to one support: 64%-23%. Here’s the question:

“The broad outlines of the reforms being proposed call for making changes
within the framework of the current health insurance system. Those who currently have insurance could retain their same coverage. Those who do not have insurance would be required to obtain a minimum level of coverage from either an employer, government agency, or by paying for it themselves. The state would subsidize the costs of insurance for low income people. Middle income families would receive tax credits if they need to buy their insurance in the open market. Insurance companies would be required to offer coverage to anyone without regard to health condition. Most employers would be required to offer health insurance to their employees or pay into a state fund.”

The cross-tabulations are fascinating, showing broad support in all categories. With even Republicans and Orange County residents show majority support, and they are the only demographic group with support under 60%. Here are the aggragate results (support-oppose):

Democrats: 74%-16%
Independents: 61%-22%
Republicans: 52%-34%

San Francisco Bay Area 68%-20%
Los Angeles County 67%-17%
Other Northern California 65%-21%
Other Southern California 62%-24%
Central Valley 62%-26%
San Diego County 60%-22%
Orange County 54%-34%

Female: 65%-21%
Male: 61%-26%

18-29 year olds: 67%-20%
30-39 year olds: 68%-19%
40-49 year olds: 64%-25%
50-64 year olds: 65%-25%
65 or older: 55%-27%

African-American: 68%-20%
Latino: 66%-21%
Asian/other: 62%-23%
White non-Hispanic: 62%-25%

Less than $20,000: 69%-16%
$20,000 – $39,999: 68%-20%
$40,000 – $79,999: 61%-26%
$80,000 or more: 67%-25%

Following health reform efforts very closely: 69%-23%
Following health reform efforts somewhat closely: 68%-22%
Following health reform efforts not too closely: 59%-24%
Following health reform efforts not at all closely: 55%-26%

The tobacco tax also had broad support: 63%-33%, with 50% in strong support. That’s consistent with last year’s Prop 86 campaign result, where the proposal got 48.2% support despite $60 million spent against it by the tobacco industry, and for a proposal that would have provided a much narrower benefit.

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