Some delays are good…

Good news. The Managed Risk Medical Insurance Board has delayed the decision to start disenrolling children from the Healthy Families program for the time being. However, unless the President backs down from his continual veto threat, there’s the votes to override the veto, or there’s a deal made, children will start to lose coverage, and soon.

Here’s the post from the MRMIB website:



Given anticipated Congressional action, Board Chair Cliff Allenby instructed me to cancel the December 5th Board meeting. To date, Congress has authorized 2008 funding for Healthy Families using 2007 funding levels, providing California funding only through December 14; however, we expect that Congress will address SCHIP funding needs prior to its holiday recess which would change our situation in California. So I recommended that the Board delay consideration of making program reductions at this time. If Congress and the President continue to provide funding at the 2007 funding level, staff will come to the Board at a future meeting with proposals to ensure that the Board meets its fiscal stewardship to manage enrollment to available resources.

To read between the lines: if we only get 2007 level funding, California will still have to disenroll hundreds of thousands of children. We have work to do!

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