One hundred years in the making…

Bill Ainsworth at the San Diego Union-Tribune comes up with the keen insight that Governor Schwarzenegger is continuing his role as actor in playing different parts as previous Governors, including Gov. Pete Wilson (as a ballot-box warrior) and Gov. Pat Brown (as an infrastructure-builder). He even neglected Gov. Hiram Johnson (as a refomer, at least in rhetoric) and Gov. Gray Davis (as a hirer).

He mentions that his current incarnation is Gov. Earl Warren, who he inducted into the California “Hall of Fame” last night. Warren came within one vote of passing universal health care in California–a tantalizing tidbit from the long history of hope and heartbreak on health reform in this state.

To provide current context to the current fight, a new report has summarized most of the health reform efforts over the course of the past 100 years, done comprehensively by Michael Dimmitt at the California Research Bureau. There’s also an archive of all the past efforts at health reform for the past century. It’s an impressive resource.

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