Different messaging, on bills and budgets…

The Governor has had different press events today. Both have big implications for health reform.

One was a press conference on health reform in Long Beach. At the same time, advocates were poring over the legislative language. Lots of issues raised by the specific language–much of it may be easily resolvable, but we’ll see.

On the same day, the Governor sent the signal that he would declare a fiscal emergency in January, in order to start making mid-year cuts, given the “$10 to $14 billion deficit.” This really isn’t going to be pretty.

Kevin Yamamura of the Sacramento Bee had a background story this morning, where I recount some of the proposed cuts of yore.

For folks who want the gory details of the kinds of cuts that were proposed by both Governors Davis and Schwarzenegger, here’s a link to a Health Access Budget Cuts Scorecard from 2005, that also provides some of the history of proposed health cuts from the last budget crisis of 2001-05. Eligibility cuts for children and adults, rate cuts, benefit cuts, etc. We need to be prepared.

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