Continuning coverage of the ballot…

There’s a decent amount of coverage today on the initiative being filed with the Attorney General, by Michael Rothfeld in the Los Angeles Times, Tom Chorneau in the San Francisco Chronicle, Aurelio Rojas in the Sacramento Bee, and Laura Kurtzman at the AP. They include different descriptions of the content of the initiative, as well as some political tidbits: one suggests that the campaign consultants will include Steve Schmidt (of the Governor’s team) and Gale Kaufman (from the Speaker’s side).

Blog coveage includes KQED Capitol Notes and the Alan Katz Health Care Reform Blog, which provides a little more on the timetable. With the initiative filed yesterday, Attorney General Jerry Brown has until February 15th to release a Title and Summary; The window to collect signatures will be between whenever the title and summary is released, and April 21st, when signatures need to be turned into the county registrars.

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