Balancing roles…

All year, we at Health Access have been balanced multiple goals in the “Year of Health Reform.”

The first is to provide the information, the reporting, and the policy analysis to help our member and allied organizations be involved in the health policy debate. A primary role is to provide the best possible resources so that groups can most effectively advocate for their members and constituencies. This blog has been part of that effort, and we hope advocates and activists have found it useful, in addition to our direct work to influence policy, as organizers and advocates.

The other balancing act has been to be *for* reform and keep the momentum for reform up through the course of the year, while at the same time being vigilant in our consumer advocacy role of protecting our constituency from–which are all of California’s health care consumers–all 36 million of them.

The Governor’s original plan made that a significant challenge, since it included some good reform elements but with untenable burdens on some consumers, and other issues of concern.

I am far more enthusiastic about AB x1 1 as a framework, but we will continue to solicit assurances as we move forward, not just to clarify policies for consumers, but to assure voters at the polls, which will be very important.

Our continued advocacy on specific issues like affordability is in the context of actively supporting the overall reform, and moving it forward–the sad and sagging shape of the status quo demands it. But this means our work isn’t done. Not by a long shot.

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