Your outrage is entirely justified. It’s why I am active in this fight on health care.
1) The health care proposals are not compromises with the insurers, and certainly not with Blue Cross, which opposes the California reform and all others, and has from day one.
The reform by Edwards and others is an attempt to keep faith with the voters, who are willing to change the system but wary of any changes to the coverage they have and value now, not matter how incomplete it is. Uncertainty brings about a conservative impulse to hold on to what you have. Security allows for more risk-taking to make progressive changes for the better. Whether in Edwards/Clinton/Obama plan or the California proposal, they provide security first, to allow people to keep what they have, but also new options.
2) The conservative movement is more “sneaky” than you given them credit for. Very few conservative politicians say they want to get rid of Medicare and Social Security. Again, they know that won’t fly, to take away something that people have now. What they want to do is let people keep what they have, but offer an “option” of a private account, or voucher, or whatever. Only in unguarded moments do we get a quote from Newt Gingrich saying they want Medicare to “wither on the vine.” But that strategy is worth considering, since it was almost successful until it was unveiled.
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