Thanks and congratulations…

With Thanksgiving starting the holiday season, it would be appropriate to send congratulations to some of our friends and allies.

Earl Lui, a former Consumers Union advocate and Health Access California board member, who is now at the California Wellness Foundation, just announced the arrival of his new baby, with his wife Fi.

Dustin Corcoran, from our frequent allies at the California Medical Association, and his wife Glenda, of Assemblyman Hector De La Torre’s office, had their first child in the last month as well.

Both babies have scored the jackpot in the parent department.

And all the best wishes to Marin (Bogema) Nakasone, our amazingly adept administrative assistant, who last week celebrated her wedding in their hometown in Hawaii. We hear the bride and the ceremony was beautiful.

We’re happy for all of them in their new lives.

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.
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