Reason #6,089 to reform health care — this year

The California HealthCare Foundation released its annual “Snapshot: California’s Uninsured” today and it’s grim.

Middle-income families are becoming uninsured faster than any other income-bracket in the state, the report says. Since the beginning of the decade, the number of families earning between $50,000-$75,000 and are uninsured has increased by 3.1%.

This is a really important point because $75,000 is between 350% to 450% of poverty (depending on family size) — the level at which policymakers are discussing cutting off eligibility for tax credits to help keep the cost of health care affordable. The guv wants he cut-off at 350%, the Democrat leaders want it at 450%. This latest information, to me, makes a convincing argument for the higher threshhold. If the trend continues, as we expect it to, we can only expect more and more middle-income people to be uninsured in future years if something is not done.

Other interesting — and sobering factoids:

  • Since the beginning of the decade, 5.9% fewer Californains are getting their health coverage through work. Instead, they’re getting it primarily from really expensive individual policies (up 2.6%), Medi-Cal (up 2.1%), Medicare or are uninsured.
  • Young adults — ages 25-34 — experienced the biggest jump in uninsurance since 2000.
  • Latinos are three ties as likely as whites to be uninsured.
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