Reaction to the legislative leadership proposal…

Shane Goldmacher, liberated from behind the pay curtain of the Sacramento Bee’s Capitol Alert, has compiled many of the organizational responses to the legislative leaders’ new health reform proposal. While many groups are waiting until they see the actual legislative language, there’s many positive responses, although it’s not without criticism from both the right and the left.

Some editorial boards also have weighed in, generally positive–even those that have historically editorialized against health reform. At part of the funding mix, they seem to like the tobacco tax better than the Governor’s proposal for leasing the lottery.

All sides recognize that Nunez and Perata have made huge movement, and so it’s all up to the Governor to embrace the framework and hammer out the details. The Sacramento Bee headline says it all: “Your turn, Governor.” The San Jose Mercury News notices that the Governor seems ready to make a deal, at least in his recent public comments, but now it’s time for action, action action.

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