Leg leaders make another offer…

So tomorrow, Speaker Nunez and Senate President Perata unveil their new proposal for health care reform.

I don’t have lots of details, but here’s what I’ve been able to gather:

* It retains the structure of AB8, including several of its cost-containment provisions, but with significant changes:
* As in AB8, there’s a public program (Medi-Cal) expansion up to 300% of FPL for children and adults. But now it also includes adults without kids at home up to 250% FPL.
* In addition to the public program expansion, there would be a tax credit up to 450% of FPL so people could afford coverage.
* The minimum employer contribution would be 6.5%, with a sliding scale of 2% (under $100K)and 4% ($100K-250K) for small businesses.
* It includes an individual mandate, but would exempt people whose health care costs exceeded 6.5 percent of their income; there would also be hardship exemptions for others on a case by case basis.
* It includes the hospital fee, and the associated increase in Medi-Cal provider rates.
* It includes a $2.00 tobacco tax is projected to raise $1.8 billion (after backfilling for revenue to existing programs from previous tobacco taxes).

More details (and commentary) later.

It certainly seems the legisaltive leaders have moved significantly toward the Governor’s proposal—much more than what the Governor did toward AB8 when he made his “revised” proposal a few weeks ago. If this isn’t the final offer, it’s probably close.

Is this the deal? No word on the Governor’s reaction.

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