Elections have consequences…

President Bush’s veto of SCHIP took one step closer to having a real impact in California today.

The Managed Risk Medical Insurance Board (MRMIB) voted today to implement emergency regulations to establish waiting lists and disenrollments of children from California’s SCHIP program, called Healthy Families.

They aren’t kicking off kids coverage yet, but we are getting damn close… We’ll have a full report later today.

As for why we are in this mess (and to get angry), check out Health and Human Services Secretary Michael Levitt’s blog, where he tried to defend the President’s decision. He somehow thinks “express lane enrollment” (expediting the application process for children on school lunch programs so they can get coverage) is a secret path to single-payer; and he responds to my Massachusetts’ colleagues critique with funny numbers to hide the key fact: President Bush’s proposal simply doesn’t have the money to keep the currently-enrolled children in California’s Healthy Families covered, much less enroll those uninsured-but-eligible California children.

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