Costing it out…

The new Health Wonk Review is up at Health Care Renewal, where our SCHIP post is spotlighted, along with several other posts from around the blogosphere.

An example is Maggie Mahar’s HealthBeat critique of the New York Times’ full-page editorial on rising health care costs.

I think the NY Times is right that there’s no one silver bullet, but there’s a legitimate set of proposals that each makes a difference, and together, can make a big difference. Health Access has a fact sheet describing an overlapping set of solutions to rising health care costs–which also dismisses ones that are phony answers as well.

I also agree with Mahar’s critique of the NY Times on the details: Prescription drug prices are a bigger deal than you think; that the “skin in the game” idea is vastly overblown; etc. The overall point of nyceve’s blistering attack on DailyKos is on point as well, that the insurers and their administrative costs and profits shouldn’t be left off the hook.

So there’s a lot of work to do. We may not be able to do all of it in one swoop, but let’s get started!

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