Back from the dead?

I am glad that I was a dissenting voice in at least one of the articles today about the so-called slim chances for health reform, as reported by Tom Chorneau in the San Francisco Chronicle and Bill Ainsworth in the San Diego Union-Trib.

If there’s anything that came out of today’s hearing, it’s that the health reform conversation is very much alive… but there’s a lot more work to do.

Numerous groups raised big and small issues with the Governor’s proposal, respectfully yet firmly. But virtually all expressed continued enthusiasm to continue the debate. What was clear was that the Governor’s plan was not going to be passed as is… but if the Governor is willing to compromise with the leadership in the Legislature, on key issues like affordability, fair financing, and cost containment, there’s a deal to be had.

As I told the reporters, if this were dead, we wouldn’t be working this hard.

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