Yesterday, the Department of Managed Health Care released a draft of proposed regulations to stop insurers from retroactively denying people for health coverage.

Because this is an informal comment process on “post-claims underwriting,” the draft proposed regulation text is not posted to the Department’s web site. However, it was the subject of some press, by Lisa Girion in the Los Angeles Times, and Victoria Colliver in the San Francisco Chronicle, as well as California Healthline.

It’s good that the DMHC is going ahead with these regulations, but the draft doesn’t have the timelines or clarity to be enforceable at this time. We look forward to working on this with the DMHC and the Department of Insurance as well.

This issue also goes directly to the need for health reform: rescinding coverage that insurers have already agreed to provide is wrong; I don’t think it’s good to allow insurers to deny and discriminate against people for their “pre-existing conditions” in the first place.

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