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The Governor’s release of the legislative language of his health plan really didn’t add too much. As we have blogged previously, the details included some things to make it a bit better, and others to make it a bit worse, from our point of view.

The most noteworthy change was the inclusion of the leasing of the lottery to help fund a couple of shortfalls, and to provide a tax credit to some Californians between 250-350% of the federal poverty level.

The details of the tax credit are sketchy, so we need to know more–but we know enough to know it’s not enough, to address the real affordability issues raised in the context of the individual mandate.

The details about leasing the lottery are also sketchy–but the editorial boards have already weighed in, mostly against the idea. The San Jose Mercury News, the Los Angeles Times, and the Sacramento Bee all pan the proposal.

The fact that these three entities also make other–but different–suggestions about where to get the money–sales tax, income tax, insurer contribution, (although they don’t mention a higher employer contribution–the one assessment that would impact the newspapers the most)–suggests why this is a tough issue to figure out.

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