Health and consumer advocates should keep the pressure on U.S. House members about the possibility of an override of the President’s veto of children’s health coverage, which he did today.

We need 25 more votes from last week’s House vote to override the veto. There’s a handful of Democrats who didn’t think it went far enough, or who had other issues. (For example, California Rep. Diane Watson voted “present.”) Presumably, they can be convinced that they made their point, and to vote to override the President and get coverage to children.

So theoretically, the California delegation could make the remaining difference itself, if all of the 18 California Republicans vote in the interest of their Republican Governor, their state, and the children of their district. Rep. Wally Herger did not vote, and so maybe that’s a signal that he would vote for the override. Maybe not all of them are able to be convinced, but California could make a big difference in putting this over the top. It’s essential.

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