Little orphans…

This week, the game changed, and things got much more urgent and intense. And I am not just talking about the super-exciting Rockies-Padres game that ushered in the baseball postseason on Monday.

We have legislative language! Sort of.

There’s a 200-page “working draft” that was distributed to stakeholders and media in the last several days. The reason it hasn’t made news is because nobody is claiming ownership. It is “orphan” language.

When we got it, we got major caveats as well: that many of the provisions are merely placeholders; that major sections, including the financing, are not included; and that there is significant disagreement among the Governor and the legislative leaders about the provisions included.

We’ll put out our analysis soon, but we are disappointed that we seem to back to square one with something very similar to the Governor’s January proposal, with only a few of our comments and concerns raised over the course of the year addressed. While we would have preferred having the Governor’s language much earlier in the year, we do appreciate having the language to seriously respond and react to–if that is what it takes to move the conversation forward.

It’s like when you work really hard on a document, but then the computer crashed, and you have to reboot and start again. It’s frustrating, but the goal doesn’t change. More later.

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