Costco V. Walmart

Here’s another thought on Dan Weintraub’s column today, which concludes that lower wage workers would be hurt by the fight to require businesses to contribute at least 7.5 percent of payroll to coverage.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. Consider the case of Costco v. Walmart. Both are discount retailers, but Costco pays higher wages and benefits.


Health Coverage:

  • Costco: 8-10 percent of premiums. Comprehensive coverage
  • Walmart: High-deductible, sliding scale. ($5/month for a $2,0000 deductible or $62/month for a $500 deductible).

Waiting periods:

  • Costco: 90 days for full-time, 6 months for part-time
  • Walmart: 6 months for full time, one year for part-time.

Percent of employees with health coverage

Employee Turnover (estimate)
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