Blaming the victim

The story that got my attention today was this LATimes story about saving $1 trillion through healthy living — particularly the last sentence, where the researcher “blamed Americans’ diet and sedentary lifestyle.”

There’s something to be said about an individual proactively exercising, not smoking, etc…. I totally agree with that.

But these studies and stories don’t take into account the worker who must take 2 jobs to survive — rides the bus, lives in an industrial area, has an aging parent at home to care for, maybe younger siblings, maybe children. Where does this person find time, beween family obligations, work and trying to get places on public transit, to exercise. And where could they exercise without exposing themselves to carcinogens. And if the answer is, “get a gym membership,” where does a low-income worker find the $50 to $100 a month to join a gym?

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