Better late than never?

I can now say it without qualification–we have legislative language on the Governor’s proposal! In both detail and substance, this is where we should have been in April: not just in having legislative language, but in terms of where the proposal has moved–or not moved–from January.

It is similar to the “orphan” legislative language released last week, which we discussed, although there are differences. It served as a trial balloon. To see Health Access’ 12-page letter responding to the “unowned” language, click here.

The thing that will likely get headlines is the inclusion of the money from leasing out the lottery.

Perhaps most noteworthy for consumer advocacy organizations is that he has not moved on an individual mandate without *any* conditions or tests on affordability. There’s not many contituency groups–even those that support some of the public program expansions and other elements–that would or could go there.

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