A Correction and Clarification…

Here’s a correction and clarification about today’s Los Angeles Times story from Health Access California and Consumers Union.

To correct the record, Chris Lehane has not been hired by the “It’s Our Healthcare!” coalition and is not working for Health Access California nor Consumers Union . Lehane has been hired by the California Labor Federation on their media work around health care.

Over the past year, Health Access California and Consumers Union have been working closely together with AARP, California Labor Federation, and over 100 other groups as part of the “It’s Our Healthcare!” campaign to promote the need and urgency for health reforms that benefit consumers. California consumers need health care reform, and they need it now.

Our organizations, and the Its Our Healthcare! Campaign, remain committed to winning health care reform this year. As part of that campaign, we have spotlighted key issues of cost containment and affordability for low- and moderate-income consumers. At the same time, our groups are frustrated that the Governor has yet to move significantly to address these concerns, particularly about an individual requirement without condition, limit, or exemption based on affordability. Such elements of the Governor’s proposal, if retained, would force our groups to oppose the proposal. In order to get health reform that works for consumers, we will spotlight the elements that don’t work for consumers in the Governor’s plan.

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.
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