18 Californians to go…

Rep. Diane Watson was the only Democrat from California that did not vote for SCHIP. She has posted on her website her reasoning, and how she is voting for the override of Bush’s veto:

“I am a strong and vocal supporter of SCHIP’s reauthorization and expansion. I have voted twice this year to continue and expand the program. The compromise SCHIP bill that was brought to the House floor on September 25th troubled me; while it would have expanded SCHIP, it would have fallen short of the goal of ensuring that every child in America gets proper health care. The compromise would have extended SCHIP for five years, but would have left millions of American children—including tens of thousands in California—without health insurance coverage. For this reason, I felt I must cast a vote on behalf of those millions of children, and so I cast a vote of “present” – or “P” for protest” – in an effort to bring attention to
their plight.

I remain committed to expanding and extending the SCHIP program, and to providing health insurance for every American child. As expected, today the President vetoed the bill. When it is sent back to Congress, I will be voting to override his veto.”

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