The Senate makes the case…

2:30pm: Senator Perata is starting to present on AB8.

Expands coverage to 2/3 of those uninsured.

“We all know that the Governor has said that he would veto this bill. He said it would veto it because it lacks an individual mandate, and because the employer requirement.

He made an exception.

His veto will be accompanied : single issue of health care reform. I have agreed with the Governor to participate in a special session; the Speaker has made

It would be incumbent for the Governor to produce his language. The Governor has been arguing mainly in concepts: we will have real words and real language.

No one should see this as a failure. This is a work product that we have spent a lot of time,

The long protracted budget debate took away tim and attention

teh best work product available at this time. This would be the best Finest state health reform package anywhere in the union.

Aanestad. This bill.

“In my nine years in the legislature, without any organization in complete support.” Support if amended. most have major concerns. Many oppose.

Business plan

This plan

Governor’s plan

THere is no

This plan will do : 7.5% tax on employers: goes along with the mistaken premise that health care for Californians rests onthe back of business. The entire plan is based on.

Many hundreds of small businesses are going to close their doors. This plan does nothing to contain costs. Accessibility of health care.

Modeled on famous MA plan. MIT organization. MA plan: Romney standing away from it. MA is in severe financial difficulties. Not ready for prime time.


I’ve been engaged in SB840

atetmpts to incrementally change the insurance market

Crafting an alternative health reform plan. Experience uncovered for me why this is so difficult. Every proposed solution brings up new problems. All the reforms are doomed to failure with thei ncrease .

Titanic: attempts to reform are only attempt to rearrange the deck chairs

AB8 is time to tun the boat. Titanic should have faced the iceberg head-on.

Health insurance companies-drive system dismantling the system. How many people can we turn away? How many people can we….

The Governor was right to call the Year of Health Care Reform

The Year of Magical Thinking

To the credit: they hgave worked a good bill, withoin the context of keeping the insurers in place.

Individual mandate: the

The bill has come a long way

many of the unions are in support.

Major problems with the coverage provisions

Pool: no protection for them

I see a number of real flaws, in this much-improve bills.

The movement that is building for single-payer will continue to build in 08, 09, and 2010. And then, with a new Governor, a new chance to get a bill.

I am a

I praise those who are working on it; they are trying.

For those who are voting for it, you are voting your hope.

Stay with me on SB840. Next year we are going to use it as a flag.

Facing the iceberg head-on

RUNNER: withold remarks on Single-payer

Clearly what we do

Enege in political theater. The protem has acknowledged the p

Special session is a good idea.

Why are we doing this then? What is the purpose of the drill

What we are looking for?

Many people have mixed up a

Bowed to the god of Coverage, and forgot about Access.

Somekind of government-issued health care: can’t get a doctor. relegated to ER

We believe our goal should be Health Access.

North to Canada/W. Europe: They have government system: you can buy an insurance policy: they don’t have access with their single-payer government plan.

The whole conpcet of employer mandate:

Employers say: I actually pay more than that: theat’s not such a bad deal.

That’s what we are concerned

Tax being levied on Californians.

Federal pre-emption issues.

Depends on a program in debate in Washington. SCHIP. Sacntions being talked about with regard. Premature, wrong timing

The whole concpept of guaranteed issue: increased rates, nothign to do with bring more reasonsable costs.

Simply issue of

incentives, additional dollars, redfineing the use of dollars

moving ERs to clinics


WHere had the discussion been this past year: We have put lines inthe sand.

I am one of the few that is an employer. I employ a

Concerned the ability for my employees to get coverage, and

I am in an industry that cannot pass the costs on.

This bill, is More costs, may not covere evrybody: does empahsize the need for health care reofrm. Real and affordable. If this bill will further the discussion, and separat the discussion. Work to make sure we have access and affordability. If this will prod us into action, I am prepared to support this bill today. We need to have a earnest discussion


Urge the bill to support, and urge the Governor to sign it.
The problems. We have a crisis in our health care system today

This 8 months of dicsussion: This bill has been through all sorts of hearings.

Some of the things are

The Governor: He needs an individual mandate: Rs won’t go there any more than I would

We can start to stablize the health care system:

But if we get more and more folks in, Maybe there’s an opportunity get


Whether you are a propnent of single-payer, whether or not you beleive on placing the entire responsibility on employer: imperfect

Cover millions of people who aren’t

It is the only majority-vote option.

This issue of health coverage: grand ambition an d an a

Find a way to provide to get subsidies

In the absnce of that

Go to the people and the abllot: Best option: currently no other way in this body to have a 2/3 body


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