Roll Call on SCHIP

A victory, but a defeat.

The SCHIP Reauthorization Bill, H.R. 976, passed in a broad bipartisan vote of 265-159, with 1 Representative saying “present” and 9 not voting.

The problem is that the two-thirds vote needed to override a veto is 290 votes. So while the bill has a veto-proof majority in the Senate, and even though SCHIP got more House Republican votes than expected, we are 25 votes shy in the House.

President Bush can veto the bill, as he has promised, and it will stick.

All but 12 Democrats voted for the bill. Of the Republicans, 45 voted for it. From the California Republican delegation, it seems only Rep. Mary Bono saw fit to vote with Governor Schwarzenegger and the interest of California children.

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