Just a reminder to look at the home page of the Health Access website as a reference during special session, which features various new documents and resource pages, including:

* a resource page on legislation, including a list of bills on the Governor’s desk, and two-year bills still pending in the Legislature
* a resource page on health reform, including charts comparing the Governor’s plan and AB8, and AB8 with the earlier SB2/Prop 72, and Health Access’ letter to the Governor on AB8.
* an AB8 fact sheet.
* a comparison chart highlighting the lack of consumer protections in the individual market, as compared to Massachusetts.
* our paper on how high deductible plans aren’t a benefit to the majority of Californians with minimal assets.

You’ll also notice other good stuff, including archives of the ballot and legislative fights on expanding employer-based coverage, prescription drugs, and other issues. We also have the archive of the state’s Health Care Options Project, which re-started this conversation over six years ago, providing studies of ways to expand coverage.

More to come!

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.
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