Isn’t that special?

Frank Russo at the California Progress Report and Bill Ainsworth at the San Diego Union Tribune have some good tidbits about the special session.

Here’s Frank:

As to health, Nunez indicated there was not the same deadline, but he
did not want to give himself and others too much time. He made the comment that
if it was up to him and the Governor, they could have a deal put together in 20

The idea for health care that emerges from what both the Speaker
and the Governor said is for there to be legislation passed by the legislature
but with the financing to be placed on an election ballot for the voters to

Speaker Nunez said “bingo” when a reporter asked him if the idea
was to have legislation that would stand on its own, even if the funding
mechanism on the ballot did not pass. He also said that AB 8 would be the
“baseline” from which negotiations would take place and at one point said he did
not want to see too much deviation from it, but at another time said “everything
is on the table.”

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