Governor: Read Your Proposal…

It drives me nuts that the Governor’s team is allowed to get away with saying that their plan “covers everybody.” It is simply not true.

Their own modeling leaves out 800,000 Californians.

More than that, there is another 1,000,000 Californians are not “covered.” They are simply required to buy coverage in the individual market. These are folks that are not getting any assistance whatsoever, including from their employer, or from a public program. They are being forced to buy coverage, and will probably can’t afford anything–and if they can, it would be a high-deductible plan. That requirement, without any subsidy or even the power of group purchasing–that’s not a benefit, that’s a burden.

So there’s nearly 2 million people who are not provided “coverage” under his plan. AB8 actually covers more–through group coverage. So if the Governor’s plan does not provide coverage, he better move away from his own plan, and come up with additional revenues to build on top of AB8.

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