Funny and sad…

After his well-deserved Emmy, Jon Stewart of The Daily Show has taken brief breaks from their war coverage for some short commentary on health care.

On Wednesday, he spotlighted the coverage of Hillary Clinton’s health plan, and the howls of “HilliaryCare,” “socialized medicine,” and “big government” from the right-wing pundits. He corrected a clip of Newt Gingrich, who suggested to call the plan “Daughter of HillaryCare”; Stewart responded, “Wouldn’t that be ChelseaCare?”

He spotlighted CNN’s chiron, which really did state, remarkably, “Clinton on Health Care: Why is she trying again?”

On Thursday, Stewart mocked the President’s attack of the SCHIP program as a “government-run” program: “Oh my god, there’s gonna put communism in our kids’ drinking water! And inject them with the gay and load them onto Micheal Moore and float them to Cuba! Wake up America!”

In responding to Bush’s statement that he instead wanted “to empower people and their doctors…,” Stewart said, “I figured out the disconnect. You see, he thinks the uninsured have doctors.”

It would be funny if it wasn’t sad. Back to the war.

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