Eyes wide open

So, where are we with health reform?

Because of 2/3 vote requirement for taxes in the California legislature, the Republican legislative caucuses have effectively blockaded several efforts to raise the funds for health coverage expansions. George Skelton of the LA Times appropriately puts some spotlight on their position.

The Governor is unwilling to just do the revenues that can be passed by majority vote (all the ones in AB8, which is on his desk: the “fees” on employers and insurers, the worker contributions, and the resulting matching federal funds and tax credits).

Instead, he is insisting that health reform go on the ballot.

Timm Herdt of the Ventura County Star wonders how successful a ballot measure will be.

Any attempt to go to the ballot will need eyes wide open. According to the Secretary of State’s history of initiatives, from Hiram Johnson’s days in 1912 to 2002, only 99 of 286 of the ballot measures that made it onto the ballot were approved–about one-third.

Every ballot measure is different, given the proposal, the coalition support, the opposition, the funding, the timing, and the general public mood. Is health reform winnable on the ballot? Depends on what it is.

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