A nudge/shove to get something done…

National health advocacy organization, Families USA released a report today entitled “Wrong Direction: One Out of Three Americans are Uninsured,” which features California in fourth place for the highest percentage of uninsured in a two-year period.

Specifically, in the 2006-07 time frame, 13 million Californians are likely to be uninsured at some point in time. This jives with the 6.5 million uninsured at some point annually.

That means 40.5 percent of Californians under 65 find themselves without health coverage at some point during a two-year period. Could be a month. Could be three months. Or, for 8.6 million, it’s longer than 6 months, the study finds.

This number has grown since the beginning of the decade, when 11 million were uninsured over a two-year period (or 35 percent of the population).

Why is this happening? Why are the ranks of uninsured growing? Simple.

* Health insurance is more expensive.
* Fewer employers are offering coverage.
* There’s less money for public programs to cover the poor or near-poor.

That’s why it’s a good thing that we’re all still ready *i hope* to keep talking about health care this year. At least 13 million are ready.

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.

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