What are we waiting for?

The California Endowment is starting a $6 million advertising campaign today, with a series of television, print, and newspaper ads to run for six weeks, to urge California policymakers to pass major health reform, this year. The ads are available to be viewed at:

The theme is “Californians are waiting for health care reform… What are California’s leaders waiting for?” Dr. Robert Ross, the CEO of the Endowment, a private health care foundaion, said they don’t have a specific dog in the hunt, between the Governor’s proposal, the Nunez/Perata proposal, Kuehl’s bill, or other efforts, but they wanted to express the urgency that Californians have on the issue, to “take advantage of an unprecedented opportunity.”

While the Endowment has long supported and provided funding to various community and constituency groups that work on health issues (including, in full disclosure, the Health Access Foundation, and many of our member and allied organizations), their direct work has more focused on highlighting children’s coverage, until now. This is a significant, important, and welcome commitment.

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.
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