The clock starts today

With just four weeks left of the 2007 session, time is slipping away for lawmakers to pass health care reform.

Legislators are back today from summer “recess” and there’s STILL no budget.

The It’s OUR Healthcare! coalition today launched two TV ads aimed at getting lawmakers to focus on health care reform (this year) and a number of newspapers printed stories and columns the past few days reminding lawmakers that there’s not much time left.

It’s not as if any of the concepts around health reform are new. Sheila Kuehl has introduced her single-payer universal health care legislation for five years. Four years ago, then-Gov. Gray Davis signed an employer-mandate that would have forced businesses of a certain size to provide health care for their employees. Public programs have existed for decades. And at its most base — anyone can understand that health coverage isn’t worth anything if you can’t afford to use it.

In spite of budget distraction, it’s not difficult to understand the core concept that health reform needs to happen this year — before costs continue to skyrocket, before more people lose health coverage through work or are kicked off.

Click here to find your Senator and Assemblyperson and urge them to support health reform this year!

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