Super Sabado!

The other big Saturday event to watch is “CaliforniaSpeaks,” a unique all day, electronic town hall, linking thousands of Californians. They will come together on Saturday, August 11th to discuss current health care reform proposals with state leaders, several of whom plan to attend. Satellite link-ups will connect public meetings across eight regions in California (San Diego County, Humboldt County, Fresno County, Los Angeles County, Sacramento County, San Luis Obispo County, Alameda-San Francisco Counties and Riverside-San Bernardino Counties).

CaliforniaSpeaks invited a randomly selected group of thousands of Californians to register to participate in the discussion. Using statistical sampling, the hope was to get a group of Californians that represent the full diversity of the state. Once at the town hall, their opinions will be registered through discussions, voting keypads, and computers. It will be interesting to see how it works just logistically.

There’s a lot more about the day at their website, at:

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