Kuehl Speaks, Moms Rising, etc…

Lots of new health care stuff on the web:

Senator Kuehl posted on Calitics her report from the rally this weekend, and her own view of the California Speaks event (harsher, but similar themes to mine), and the significant progress being made in the ongoing effort for universal, single-payer health care.

The California State Rural Health Care Association has published their own report, “California Health Reform: What’s At Stake for Rural Communities?” The short answer: a lot. Slightly longer answer: While those in rural areas would benefit from health reform, there are specific issues that rural areas have, that require specific policy solutions, from availability to insurance products to workforce issues to chronic disease management.

The website MomsRising has spotlighted the SCHIP issue as part of the fight to cover all children nationally.

Health Wonk Review is being hosted by Worker’s Comp Insider, and has some good links, as always.

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