Fact check #2

Another point about the Governor’s comments to the Sacramento Bee editorial board, where he said he won’t sign a less-than-comprehensive bill: “I won’t sign it. It won’t happen. Because we will never have a chance again to go back and cover the rest.”

Does that mean he won’t sign his own plan?

The Administration’s own modeling, done by MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber, leaves close to a million Californians not covered. There’s a vague hope that the counties would cover those Californians, but there’s no requirement or proposal for that to happen.

I don’t say this as a criticism: it’s a major step to expand coverage to millions of the uninsured, and to bolster and secure coverage for the millions who do have coverage, but are concerned it won’t be there for them when they need it. But it is simply not universal. Maybe “near-universal” is more appropriate.

If he wants a truly universal, comprehensive plan, he had the framework for that on his desk last year–SB840(Kuehl). So he shouldn’t lecture others about wanting a broader, bolder approach.

AB8(Nunez) is an attempt to expand coverage with a bill that requires a majority vote. If the legislative leaders could get two-thirds vote, I imagine they would pass SB840(Kuehl) with the financing.

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