Consumer Reports’ latest issue surveys 37,000 readers about their health plans, and finds one in five (20%!) consumers “were sufficiently disappointed with their health-insurance plans and wanted to switch to a new one.”

Consumers were mainly disappointed in the choice of doctors, billing, high cost-sharing and access to care.

The best health care in the world? Not quite.

Reading up on other studies, the magazine also found that 81,000 deaths could be avoided annually (not to mention $3.6 billion in unneccessary hospitalization expenses) if health plans provided the same disease-prevention, wellness and best-practice treatments.

Here’s a quick hit list of California health plans and how they fared:


  • Kaiser Permanente of SoCal — 82% “reader score,” with 12% wanting to switch plans
  • PacifiCare of California — 78% reader score, 21% of consumers wanting to switch
  • Blue Shield of California Access + HMO — 74% reader score, 31% of consumers wanting to switch
  • Blue Cross of California HMO — 72% reader score, 34% of consumers wanting to switch


  • Blue Cross of California: 76% readers score, 26% wanting to switch
  • Blue Shield of California: 73% reader score, 33% wanting to switch
  • Cigna HealthCare: 72% reader score, 29% wanting to switch
  • HealthNet: 70% reader score, 35% wanting to switch
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