Budget Battles and Health Reform

So there’s been a lot of talk about how the budget stalemate is impacting health reform. Even Speaker Nunez was asked about it:

Some folks think, such as the Governor, that the Senate Republicans are trying to run out the clock, and use the budget to black health care reform. I don’t know their motives, and the impact may be right: there is still time, but the clock is ticking, and time spent on the budget is less time on health reform.

However, I also think this may backfire on the Senate Republicans, and could help the dynamic for health reform. First of all, there will be an incentive for legislators and the Governor not to end the year on a sour note, and they will want a win on health care.

The more that the budget stalemate disabuses the Governor that he can get the two-thirds vote he needs for his proposal, the more he should look favorably upon AB8(Nunez), which can be passed by a majority vote.

Why give the Senate Republicans, which are holding out on the budget, a second victory, by stalling the health care reforms that they also oppose?

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